Let's Protect Our
Future Planet Bodies

We’re detoxing our personal care routines from head to toe.

100% plant-based formulas. 0% greenwashed.

Our Philosophy

From the human body to our planetary body, every “body” is connected. Our belief is that we all want to do better for our bodies and our planet, the two most important homes we’ll ever have. So we decided to start a new category of personal care products that deliver eye-catching results without compromise. Ingreendients is setting new standards for natural and sustainable products that make it a joy to care for ourselves and the world around us.

It starts with an all-encompassing definition of natural that protects the health of all bodies, human and planetary. We use ingredients that are 100% from plants and biodegrade once they go down the drain. We've chosen recycled materials for packaging, selected a single type of plastic resin for our pumps and bottles so that it's easier for you and commercial recycling facilities to recycle, and offset our carbon footprint by directly working with foundations that protect wild forest areas. With Ingreendients, you don't have to choose between achieving results you love, and showing love for the world around you. Now that’s something we can all get behind.



100% carbon neutral
We’ve teamed up with WILD to offset our carbon footprint. Our contributions help protect native wild forests in the Amazon and native grasslands in Mali, Africa.



100% plant-based formulas
Created from plant ingredients only, our formulas are truly natural and don’t have any hidden nasties, like artificial fragrances or petroleum-based ingredients.



100% recycled plastic bottles
We’re not about to put any new plastic bottles into our environment! Our bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic, and they’re fully recyclable.

Our Beliefs

We have a responsibility to build a healthier humanity.

What goes on our bodies is as important as what goes in our bodies. In the absence of regulations, we take it upon ourselves to protect you from questionable, unsafe, and toxic ingredients. 

True sustainability is doing the least harm.

Consumerism is not and will never be good for our planet. We keep our environmental footprint as small as possible—100% recycled plastic bottles, biodegradable formulas, manufactured in the US, and net carbon neutral.

Performance, safety, and sustainability should coexist.

If a product doesn’t perform well, then it’s not sustainable, and if it’s not sustainable then it’s not safe. We design products that deliver on all three fronts, for eye-catching results that protect our bodies and our planet.

All-natural should always mean 100% from plants. Period.

Plants are well understood. Synthetic chemicals are not. While scientists and marketers argue about which synthetic ingredients are harmful, we’ll be over here making 100% plant-based products that don’t leave any room for doubt.

Information is the only tool against greenwashing.

It shouldn’t be hard to understand what makes a product safe and sustainable. We cut out the noise, ban misleading and confusing labels, and never exaggerate. 

There are no “perfect” products, but we get closer every day.

In an imperfect world, there are no perfect products, but we’re always raising the bar by working to make our materials, process, and packaging even more efficacious, safe, and green than it is today. 

Founder’s Story

The Ingreendients journey started when I experienced a health condition which required me to bring scrutiny to both what goes in and on my body. When it came to what went in my body, scanning for clean ingredients was easy enough, but it completely broke down for personal care products.

I was surprised to learn that the industry has no standard definition of “natural.” Behind pretty labels and greenwashing, I found long lists of artificial, questionable, and nasty ingredients in so-called “natural” products. In addition, I was shocked to learn that the plastic and packaging waste from the personal care industry is responsible for one-third of the landfill here in the US. And to my surprise, there was a complete lack of conversation around what happens to these formulas when they go down the drain—do they biodegrade, are they safe for our waterways and natural habitats? What’s almost more insidious is that many brands thrive off the lack of regulation, and consequent lack of public knowledge, of what constitutes a “clean” or “natural” product. The lack of transparency was galling.

So I built the brand I wanted to see. All Ingreendients products will always be 100% from plants. They biodegrade once they go down the drain and they’re safe for our waterways. They are packaged only in 100% recycled plastic bottles which are recyclable (we refuse to put new plastic bottles into the ecosystem!) and shipped in 100% recycled cardboard boxes. And that’s just the start of our commitments—we’ve partnered with WILD.org to offset our carbon footprint by protecting native wild forests and communities around them.

Alone, each feature isn’t in itself groundbreaking—but as a whole constitutes a true paradigm shift. Ingreendients redefines “natural,” providing a common-sense understanding that’s long been missing from the industry, while pushing the envelope on sustainability to protect our planet. I want to empower us all to make informed decisions, so it’s finally possible to show ourselves some love while showing love for the world around us.

We’re the change we want to see—and now we have the broader industry in our sights. Thank you for protecting what’s precious—both our bodies and our planet. I hope you love our products as much as I do.

Rajat Sharma
Ingreendients Founder & CEO