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Order Status

When will my order be shipped ?
For free ground shipping, please allow 1-2 business days for us to process your order. Our shipments are then processed Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. We process orders within 1 business day for expedited shipping option. 2 hour delivery orders are processed and delivered within 2 hours.
When will my order be delivered ?
Ground shipping typically arrives 5-7 days after you’ve received your shipping confirmation email. For expedited shipping, you will receive the shipment within two business days of receiving your shipping confirmation email. 2 hour delivery orders are delivered within 2 hours.
What should I do if I did not receive my order ?
You will receive a tracking number for your shipment via email once your shipment is processed. If the tracking number confirms delivery of your shipment, but you haven’t received your order, please email us immediately at with both your order and tracking number.
What should I do if my product arrived damaged ?
Please take an image of the damaged product and email us immediately at along with your order number.

Shipping & Returns

How Much Is Shipping ?
Enjoy free ground shipping within the contiguous United States for orders. For orders shipping to the non-contiguous US, or with expedited shipping options, proceed to checkout for your order’s cost of shipping.
Do You Ship To PO Boxes and Military Addresses ?
Yes, we ship to PO boxes and military addresses.
Do You Ship Internationally ?
At this time, we do not ship outside the United States.
Who Pays For Return Shipping ?
Return shipping labels are on us for all U.S. orders. For international orders, you are responsible for return shipping.
What Is Your Return Policy ?
"Returns are only permitted on your first order.* Need to process a return? Please contact us at with your order number and reason for your return. Returns must be submitted within 30 days of receiving your package. Please note initial shipping fees are non-refundable. We'll then send a complimentary return shipping label to your address, which must be used on your return shipment. We need to receive the product within 15 days of the return label being sent to you.

*Think about it this way - at your local drugstore, you can’t return any kind of opened and used personal care products purchased. We’re committed to your happiness with your first order. After that, we hope you’re coming back for more because you love it."


What Are The Benefits Of An Ingreendients Subscription ?
Where do we start! First and foremost, enjoy the convenience of never running out of your favorite personal care products. Your peace of mind and convenience is important to us. Next, an Ingreendients subscription saves you 10% with every order - not too shabby. Last but (we hope) not least, as a subscriber you will be part of our insider community. That means you’ll get test new product lines and voice your opinion on which product is market-worthy!
Once I’ve Created A Subscription Plan, How Can I Change My Set Delivery Quantity Or Frequency ?
Once you’ve created a subscription account, you can log in any time to update quantities, delivery addresses, frequency of delivery and more.
How Can I Cancel My Subscription ?
We’d hate to see you unsubscribe, and hope you’ll be in touch before doing so - we want to help solve any situation! If you would like to cancel, you can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your user account and going to the “manage subscription” tab. You must cancel the subscription at least seven (7) days prior to your next billing cycle, which is shown in your account. Please refer to our terms of service for more details.

Product Usage & Application

How Long After Switching To Ingreendients Haircare Products Will I See Results ?
Many of our users are able to see results immediately after their first use. That said, in light of different hair types and how they respond differently to haircare, please note it may take up to two weeks to see noticeable results.
Does Ingreendients Have A Leave-In Conditioner Product ?
Our current conditioner line does not include a leave-in product. For best results with our conditioner, we recommend applying to wet hair, leaving the product in for one to two minutes, and then rinsing it out. Ta-da, smooth shine!
Are Ingreendients Haircare Products Safe For Color And Chemically Treated Hair ?
Yes, absolutely. When developing our products, we kept in mind a wide range of needs. Ingreendients is a perfect product when working with color, keratin and/or chemically treated hair. Our products are made using the gentlest surfactants available - which means they’re the best bet for any kind of treated hair.
Are Ingreendients Products Safe For Sensitive Scalp And Skin Or Any Other Pre-Existing Skin Or Scalp Condition ?
Yes, Ingreendients products are formulated to be gentle yet effective so they work well for sensitive scalp and skin. If you have any allergies or pre-existing skin issues, please do a patch test before applying to your whole body.
Can Pregnant Women Or Children Use Ingreendients ?
Yes, anyone can use our products. Our vision - and now reality - is that our products are safe and friendly for the whole family. All Ingreendients products are safe for women who are pregnant or nursing. However, we recommend consulting with your doctor before using any new products while pregnant or nursing.

Our Products

Are All Ingreendients Products Biodegradable?
Yes, all Ingreendients products are and will always be certified biodegradable as we care and want to keep our waterways safe.
How Is Your Natural Fragrance Made ?
Our fragrance is created 100% from plant extracts and essential oils. We do not use any synthetics, artificial ingredients or phthalates in our fragrances. And we’re completely transparent about the ingredients that make up the product: you can find all the details under the ingredients tab of our product pages.
Are Ingreendients Products PH Balanced ?
Yes, all the products are pH balanced. Just like the foods you eat, a balanced pH in your hair and body care products helps your body work at its best.
How Long Do Ingreendients Products Last ?
Ingreendients products have a shelf life of 12-18 months after opening and exposing them to the elements in the batroom such as heat, moisture, water etc. Each product has the shelf life information on it.
I See Alcohols Listed As Ingredients In Some Ingreendients Products. Why Is That ?
What we commonly think of when we hear “alcohols” - beverages, stringent alcohols with medicinal applications - are not the extent of the field! While some alcohols - think “rubbing,” or isopropyl, alcohol - definitely dry out hair, others do not. We only use fatty alcohols - that is, long-chain alcohols that soften and condition the hair as well as the skin. And unlike commonly recognized and used alcohols, which are made from the likes of ethanol or propanol and which dry out the hair or skin, the gentle, pro-hair and skin alcohols we use are found in and derived from plant cells.
Do Ingreendients Products Contain Sulfates (SLS), Betaines, Parabens, PEG, Phthalates Or Silicones ?
No, we do not use any of these components in our formulations. In fact, we have a list of over 1400+ ingredients (these included) that we ban from use in our products.
Are Ingreendients Products Ever Made With Synthetic Or Artificial Ingredients ?
No, our lines never contain ingredients made synthetically or artificially. That means you’ll never see other commonly available, so-called “natural” ingredients in our products - including silicones, panthenol, glycols, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, and other common faux “natural” components.
Does Ingreendients Have Any Ingredients That Are Derived From Petroleum Feedstock ?
No, none of our products are derived from petroleum, mineral or petrochemical feedstock. Every ingredient is derived from plant raw material via a green chemistry process.
Does Ingreendients Test On Animals ?
We never test any of our products on animals.
Are Ingreendients Products Vegan ?
Yes, all Ingreendients products are vegan. There is nothing more vegan than 100% from plants!

Product Certifications

Are Ingreendients Products Certified Biodegradable ?
Yes, all Ingreendients products are and will always be certified biodegradable. The biodegradability is based on OECD 301B biodegradation test.
Are Ingreendients Products Certified Reef Safe ?
Yes, all Ingreendients products are and will always be certified reef friendly by Biorus.
Are Ingreendients Products Certified Cruelty Free ?
Yes, all Ingreendients products are both Leaping Bunny and PETA cruelty free certified.
Are Ingreendients Products Certified Organic ?
Ingreendients uses many certified organic ingredients but is not 100% organic. Our ingredient list clearly indicates which ingredients are certified organic. Many brands leverage this to misleadingly refer to themselves as organic. However, we value transparency above all.
Are Ingreendients Products Certified Gluten-Free ?
Yes, all Ingreendients products are gluten-free. We use the ELISA methodology for testing and our detection limit for our Gluten test is 2.5ppm.
Are Ingreendients Products EWG or Made Safe Certified ?
Ingreendients products are not EWG or Made Safe certified because we hold ourselves to a higher standard than current market regulations and standards. Third party certification companies approve products that contain synthetic, artificial or petroleum derived ingredients as safe to use, which is contrary to our beliefs and values.

Climate Neutral

Has Ingreendients Performed A Complete Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) For All Its Products ?
Yes, we have performed ISO 14040/14044 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for all our products. You can find the amount of carbon emitted on each product label.
How Does Ingreendients Offset Its Carbon Footprint ?
We offset our carbon footprint in two ways - by purchasing carbon offsets and donating a portion of every bottle sold to the WILD foundation.
Why Does Ingreendients Offset Its Carbon Footprint By Buying Offsets AND Supporting WILD Projects?
Ingreendients is on a mission to protect our planet so we want to transparently offset our carbon footprint by having direct impact on indegenous communities that support such areas. Not all carbon offsets involve indigenous communities. We recognize that every ecological system is coupled with a social system and than no ecological system exists in isolation of the other ecological systems. They all depend on each other and we want to support these systems first-hand.
What Are Carbon Offsets?
Carbon offset is a certificate, which can be traded, that represents the removal of one tonne of carbon emissions by an environmentally beneficial project. Carbon offsets can be purchased by either individuals or organizations who want to support such projects, and in doing so, compensate for their own emissions.
What Carbon Offsets Does Ingreendients Support ?
Ingreendients supports a biodiversity and forest conservation REDD+ project in Indonesia to halt deforestration of roughly 47,000 hectares of forest which were originally slated for conversion to palm oil. This project meets the highest international verification standards of VCS and CCB.
What WILD Projects Does Ingreendients Support ?
Ingreendients sponsors two WILD projects. The Yawanawa project in West Africa where 400,000 indegenous inhabitants intentionally and deliberately live sustainably to protect their natural resources. The other project is half a million acres of the Amazonian rainforest.